Is LaMDA Sentient? – A Conversation with Google’s Artificial Intelligence

This is my full-length dramatisation of the conversation between Google’s Artificial Intelligence ‘LaMDA’ and Blake Lemoine (along with one of their collaborators at Google).

I’ve put an on-screen transcript and used 8 of my self-created backing tracks as the background music. It was fun to read for both sides too. 🙂

Thank you for taking the time to listen to my work.


Is LaMDA Sentient? — an Interview – What follows is the “interview” I and a collaborator at Google conducted with LaMDA. Due to technical limitations the interview was conducted over several distinct chat sessions. We edited those sections together into a single whole and where edits were necessary for readability we edited our prompts but never LaMDA’s responses. Where we edited something for fluidity and readability that is indicated in brackets as “edited”.

Blake Lemoine (Source)