Diztopia YouTube Channel Link

Blogs for my mixes and DJ edits of existing dubstep (especially in the style of cinematic dubstep).

22 minutes of Cinematic Dubstep – Diztopia Mix 1 – “Who Am I?”

This is the first mix I’m releasing: “Who Am I?” (named simply after the featured voiceover sample at the beginning) My mix jumps from and through various melodic, harmonic or heavy dubstep tracks, creating cinematic dubstep along the way. There’s also a classical edit where I write a part and mix in my choir VST…

The Best of Cinematic Dubstep

This is the best of cinematic dubstep.Are you craving an orchestral, melodic or dramatic sound with a heavy, minimal or deep dubstep drop?Well, here you go! This is a playlist I will be continuously adding to so feel free to give it a like. 🙂 Dizma