New album: Dose of Darkness (EP) – Music by Dizma

This is my new album: Dose of Darkness (EP) with 5 tracks in a dark electronic style, a fusion between cinematic dubstep and movie/game soundtracks. All the tracks feature a lot of my melismatic and chopped vocals, classical piano, virtual orchestral parts, synths, sub and dubstep drum beats.

I created cinemagraphs (moving images) for each of the first four tracks. These are photos I’ve taken of England, Spain, Brazil & Norway.

The fifth track is a piano performance where I compose and produce a more classically-driven vocal and piano arrangement based on the chord progressions of track 1.

I wrote a short poem for each track below.

If you love this album, you’ll love the next one.

Stay tuned!



Designing the destination,
desire for dissipation.
Zero fruition of a
complex situation.


Craving unawareness,
the waves ever careless.
Blissful outguessing,
forever in progress.



Fleeting the unknown,
all covers now unsown.
Dreams float, high-flown, and
flit within their zone.


Descending the dissent,
Soul is sent well-meant.
 Feel free, content, to sing
with love and wonderment.

Dose of Darkness (Full EP) – Dizma (Spotify)