New album: Dose of Darkness (EP) – Music by Dizma

This is my new album: Dose of Darkness (EP) with 5 tracks in a dark electronic style, a fusion between cinematic dubstep and movie/game soundtracks. All the tracks feature a lot of my melismatic and chopped vocals, classical piano, virtual orchestral parts, synths, sub and dubstep drum beats.

I created cinemagraphs (moving images) for each of the first four tracks. These are photos I’ve taken of England, Spain, Brazil & Norway.

The fifth track is a piano performance where I compose and produce a more classically-driven vocal and piano arrangement based on the chord progressions of track 1.

I wrote a short poem for each track below.

If you love this album, you’ll love the next one.

Stay tuned!



Designing the destination,
desire for dissipation.
Zero fruition of a
complex situation.


Craving unawareness,
the waves ever careless.
Blissful outguessing,
forever in progress.



Fleeting the unknown,
all covers now unsown.
Dreams float, high-flown, and
flit within their zone.


Descending the dissent,
Soul is sent well-meant.
 Feel free, content, to sing
with love and wonderment.

Dose of Darkness (Full EP) – Dizma (Spotify)


22 minutes of Cinematic Dubstep – Diztopia Mix 1 – “Who Am I?”

This is the first mix I’m releasing: “Who Am I?” (named simply after the featured voiceover sample at the beginning)

My mix jumps from and through various melodic, harmonic or heavy dubstep tracks, creating cinematic dubstep along the way. There’s also a classical edit where I write a part and mix in my choir VST over one of my favourite dubstep tracks ever (King of the Hill by Liquid Stranger).

All track info and time codes below. Find the links to the original tracks in the main YouTube description. 🙂

If you love dubstep, then definitely subscribe to my Diztopia channel.

I’ll be creating more dubstep edits and mixes. 


Cinematic Dubstep Mix | Diztopia (YouTube)

Cinematic Dubstep Setlist:
00:00 – 02:12 | Stargazer – Bird of Prey
00:00 – 03:56 | Never Dream of Dying – KillSonik
03:04 – 04:49 | Lions & Tigers & Snares – The Others
04:29 – 05:42 | Innocence – Nero
05:34 – 07:30 | Inspector Gadget (Remix) – Liquid Stranger
06:10 – 09:18 | Through The Night – Drumsound & Bassline Smith ft. Tom Cane (Horx & P3000 Remix)
08:01 – 10:24 | Distance Kills – Mt Eden ft. Nolita Knights (Liquid Stranger Remix)
09:45 – 11:28 | Devil – Barren Gates
10:50 – 14:22 | Anamorphic – Joker
13:11 – 15:33 | Masquerade – Lindsey Stirling
14:59 – 17:40 | King of the Hill – Liquid Stranger
17:37 – 19:46 | King of the Hill (Diztopia Edit) – Liquid Stranger
19:45 – 21:36 | The Entangled – Noisia 
Featured Voice-over Sample: “Alan Watts on Identity”

The Best of Cinematic Dubstep

This is the best of cinematic dubstep.

Are you craving an orchestral, melodic or dramatic sound with a heavy, minimal or deep dubstep drop?

Well, here you go!

This is a playlist I will be continuously adding to so feel free to give it a like. 🙂


Cinematic Dubstep (Spotify Playlist by Dizma)