Better to create bad art than no art! Haha.

My main reasons for creating a page for this even though I’m a beginner?
I was inspired by a photo someone posted of their first work of art next to their latest a few years later. This is my timeline as I have fun being a definite beginner to digital art, hoping to find my style and picking up new techniques on the way.

31st March 2018 – “Heartless”

Sometimes, any pain you have in your heart, is best put into your art.


1st November 2017 – “Decode”

Are we living in a computer simulation? According to Elon Musk, there’s a 1 in billions chance that we are not. I like those odds. Perhaps the world ends due to a ‘glitch’… or maybe we are the ‘glitches’?

Either way… have a nice day.

03. Decode - Art by Dizma

31st May 2017 – “Island”

Here’s my second piece of artwork… The title of which only one will understand what I mean by it.


1st December 2016 – “Zero”

Here’s my first piece of artwork now that I finally have a graphics tablet! What a new feeling to get used to, but definitely one I know will progress over time.