I’m a Night Owl | Are You Nocturnal Too?

FEAR NOT, you night owls out there!

One day, when the sun is gone and we found some miraculous way to breathe and eat without it, we shall reign supreme. Not only that, but day people will also become night owls and they will come to us for tips… right?

I didn’t get a laptop until I was 16… so I don’t think it’s necessarily the internet that’s ‘causing more of us to stay up late. For as long as I can remember, I’ve had countless nights where I get to see the sunrise, beautifully marking the end of my “day”. In my childhood, I’d read entire books in a single night or play Snake on my Nokia. When it came to my parents coming in to wake me up, I would pretend I was asleep and happily go to school that day, acting like I had a full night’s sleep.

I definitely try to get sleep on a daily basis now, although the occasional all nighter still happens as it’s the only way to “fix” my sleeping routine so that I see daylight in some way again. I make sure of this especially after my hypochondria phase where I’d research the negative effects of everything and… no sleep can be pretty damaging. In the end, sleeping during the day will be better than spending every day trying to fix something that has actually been attributed to having a sleep disorder.

That disorder is called ‘Delayed Sleep Phase Disorder’ and it’s suggested that finding a job that fits these hours will do you best. I wonder how many of us night owls would have done better at school had it started mid-afternoon, with exams occurring in the evening. If there was such a thing as “Night Owl School”, I would have begged to my parents to let me go there… after all, parents want the best grades for us, don’t they?

Considering how many day-people have complained about waking up first thing in the morning, maybe they just have ‘Premature Sleep Phase Disorder’… hah! I’m kidding (maybe). Although, It wouldn’t surprise me if ‘Delayed Sleep Phase Disorder’ was thought up by someone who would go into work early, looking around at an empty room and wondering where everyone is.

Honestly, I love the night for how quiet it is. It feels utterly peaceful. No one will be calling you for a favour. This is your time to be. If you’re like me, you’ve also experienced that spike of energy that occurs around 10pm… it’s strange as it happens regardless of what time I wake up. I’ve been lucky to have a job in the past where I worked from home so I’d also start a work shift a little before midnight after spending the afternoon or evening pursuing my own projects. When googling about ‘Night Owls’, I got a lot of search results that apparently we are clever and deeper thinkers. If that’s true, I’ll take the compliment, thank you.

On Facebook, I’d find myself making friends with people in earlier time zones and I’d even go to sleep after they do. This would be around the time where your local friends are waking up for work as well, so you can bid them a good morning as they bid you a good night.

Can you relate? Leave a comment!
Of course, if you’re an ‘Early Bird’, you’re free to share your side too.
This ‘Night Owl’ is curious.

Author: Dizma

I'm Dizma. Vocalist | Classical Pianist | Electronic Producer | Photographer | Blogger

3 thoughts on “I’m a Night Owl | Are You Nocturnal Too?”

    1. I also read somewhere that night owls have a heightened interest in astrology. Haha. To be fair, I never researched the sunrise or sunset unless I knew I was going to be awake between those times. Thanks for the comment, Dee. 🙂

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