The Very Heart of London (UK)

Dizma London Photography St James's Park

Here is my gallery of the route from St James’s Park to Oxford Circus, roaming through the West End, Piccadilly Circus, Regent Street and Covent Garden. Enjoy.

Welcome to Central London


As someone who has visited this city countless times, I can never get enough of the exteriors of the traditional pubs, stores, restaurants, bars and museums. Most of my visits have been a long wander in and around the heart of London.


St James’s Park

Central-London-Dizma-Dahl-Diztopia-Photography-UK-City-Photographer-5St James’s Park is easy to find and a delight to see. This is one of the neighbouring parks to Buckingham Palace (along with Green Park). Along with lounge chair areas and cafés, there are also a lot of birds and squirrels chilling behind the fences who are very used to people. So you can sit on the grass, sip on some English tea and go ‘aww’ at these friendly critters.


The view of Buckingham Palace from a bridge in St James’s Park.


And to the other side of the bridge, you’ll see the London Eye. St James’s Park adds a perfect dose of nature until you find yourself in the city again.


The less commercial streets of London are adorned with statues commemorating those who fought for England.


It wouldn’t be a London photography gallery without the iconic red telephone boxes now, would it?


Picadilly Circus

Piccadilly Circus is currently down and under construction. At least a photograph of the replacement posters can somewhat mimic the real thing… unless you reveal it in a blog, of course.


Regent Street

Regent Street is the world’s first ever shopping street. I can never get enough of the architecture and extremely famous-branded stores which always have the most elaborately decorated window shop displays (such as Ferrari and Louis Vitton and the list goes on).


Carnaby Street

Hidden behind one side of Regent Street, there are 13 streets lined with gems known as Carnaby Street.


The Diner

Having headed to Carnaby for lunch, I spent a happy hour at The Diner (American All-Day Breakfast & Burger Spot). From Bacon Pancakes with a Coke Float or St Louis Ribs & Fries with a Root Beer… One meal here will give you enough energy for an entire day in London, and with its generous prices, you’ll also be left with more money. I call that a Win/Win.


The West End Entertainment

The West End is one of two of the biggest English-speaking theatre spots in the world (with the other being Broadway in New York). With an endless number of musicals and plays to choose from, I felt spoilt for choice. I caught the matinée for ‘School of Rock’ which was awesome… the actor portraying Jack Black’s character in the movie was on point and the kids playing the instruments live is a killer touch. It’s also the only West End musical I’ve been to where they let you take photographs and videos for the final song (not that the rules have stopped me at other theatres before…*evil smirk*) My next musicals of choice are definitely Aladdin and Book of Mormon.


A murder mystery that has graced the West End since 1952, Agatha Christie’s Mousetrap is another must-see.


Grab your pre-show dinner at one of the many restaurants that connect all the West-End shows together… trust me, you’ll be spoilt for choice. You can also get a ticket & dinner combo with most theatres. Aside from the unreal quality and presentation of the food, when dining in London, I am always particularly impressed at the interior decor and the ambience.


Covent Garden

Covent Garden is your go-to place for topping up your accessories or sipping a cappuccino while musicians play in the courtyard. There is also a market of independent traders and I guarantee you will find something that rings true to your soul.



Graffiti following the tragedy at Grenfell Tower.


London Transport

With a huge variety of transport to choose from, most visitors in London will walk to their next destination as to see more of the city.


But be sure to enjoy the eeries vibes of the London Underground, the top choice for minimising your travel time. I’d recommend not being so polite when you’re getting through the crowd or on and off the tube. This is mostly ’cause you could be waiting around for a while, miss your stop and lose the rest of your group. This place isn’t one to expect a thank you or a smile for any courteous action… but you didn’t hear that from me. Aside from this sub-terranean dystopia, you will be met with proper etiquette amongst the London populace. Oh, and walk with your head up; it helps create a path for your regal self as you honour this timeless city with your presence.


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