About me:

I’m a singer, electronic producer, pianist. I started music when I was 4 and continue to use it as a source of oxygen. You can expect original music, vocal covers & classical piano on my YouTube channel. I love dabbling in artwork & video editing. Sometimes I’m in the video, sometimes I’m not. 😛

Dizma / Diz”

Norwegian/Brazilian (Norzilian) who grew up in USA, Spain & England. Living in Oslo, Norway. All content created by me. 😀

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I have two other channels as of Summer 2022.
One called Diztopia” for my mixes and DJ edits of existing dubstep (especially in the style of cinematic dubstep).
The other is called Dizetta (which will feature dramatizations or video blogs on topics I love to explore).

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Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | TikTok | Discord: _Dizma#6118