I’m Dizma.

I’m a singer, producer, pianist. I started music when I was 4 and continue to use it as a source of oxygen.

You can expect original music, covers, piano improvisations & mash-ups on my YouTube channel

I love dabbling in artwork & video editing (but these hobbies are really new for me so bear with me, haha). 

Sometimes I’m in my videos, sometimes I’m not. 😛

[Norwegian/Brazilian (Norzilian) who grew up in USA, Spain & England.]

[Living in Oslo, Norway]

All content created by me. 😀 – Just contact me on any of my social medias if you want any of my music for your own work… or just steal and credit me, lol.

Peace and smiles

Donate to my PayPal here – All donations will go to upgrading my music equipment 🙂